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Oklahoma Heart Hero Winners Announced During

Oklahoma Wear Red Day Event

OKLAHOMA CITY—A Mustang minister has been named the Oklahoma Heart Hero after saving a woman at his church with CPR. Scott Badgett was honored in ceremonies today as part of the state’s kickoff of Wear Red Day. National Wear Red Day is dedicated to educating women about their risks of heart disease. The Oklahoma Heart Hero award honors those who are prepared to deal with a cardiovascular emergency, educate others how to become prepared, and serve as an incentive for others to be trained in CPR and the use of an AED (automatic external defibrillator).

The 2011 Oklahoma Heart Hero is Scott Badgett, Mustang

Associate Pastor of the Chisolm Baptist Church in Mustang, Scott Badgett, had returned to his office from lunch early only to hear a panicked plea for help across the building. 57-year-old Martha Rhodes was volunteering at the church that day when suddenly she slumped over. Co-workers thought Martha was kidding at first, but when they realized it was no joke they immediately called 911. Badgett heard the commotion and came running. Though it was 10 years since his CPR training – he began hands only chest compressions. Paramedics said Martha was not breathing and had no pulse when they arrived – only CPR kept her alive. Today Martha is feeling great with a new implanted defibrillator keeping her heart beating. Martha calls Scott “her hero” for having the skills and courage to race to her side.

Oklahoma Heart Hero – Runner-up: Sharon Brumbeloe

Sharon was at a recital for her granddaughter at a large Oklahoma City metro church with 1000 people in attendance when the lights went out for the dramatic ending of the program. Instead of music, the darkness was pierced by a voice yelling CALL 911! When the lights came up it was clear Mort Beckman was struggling to breathe and was turning ashen gray. Sharon rushed to his side and began CPR. The church also had an automatic external defibrillator which Sharon used to shock his heart. By the time EMT’s arrived, he had a heart beat again and was breathing. Sharon is a cardiac nurse, but performing life-saving CPR in the field was life altering and has made her an advocate for learning and teaching CPR. Sharon is a nurse at Oklahoma Heart Hospital North Campus and ironically Mort is the husband of another OHH nurse. Until that day, they had never met. This is the first time a professional with the Oklahoma Heart Hospital has been named a finalist for the Oklahoma Heart Hero award.

About Oklahoma Heart Hospital:
Oklahoma Heart Hospital opened in August 2002 as the first all-digital hospital in America totally dedicated to the care of hearts. Cardiologists from Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates partnered with Mercy Health Center to make the hospital a reality. In 2006, demand for cardiovascular services in the region prompted a $98 million expansion at the hospital.

In 2010, Oklahoma Heart Hospital South Campus opened its doors as an all-digital hospital specializing in the care of hearts. The South Campus partnered with Oklahoma Heart Hospital, Mercy Health Center, Norman Regional Health System and Midwest Regional System to bring cardiovascular services to south Oklahoma City and eastern Oklahoma County.

Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians is the state’s largest group of cardiovascular specialists with 60 physicians in nearly 50 clinics across Oklahoma, including the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.
Oklahoma Heart Hospital – Serving the State, Leading the Nation.

2011 Oklahoma Heart Hero Winners

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