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A La Heart Transportation and Lodging

Limousine Service

For our International patients, we have made arrangements with local limo services to give you up to 50% discount on your travel from Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City to Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Please call us toll free at 1-855-628-6790 or email International@okheart.com with your date and time of arrival at Will Rogers World Airport and we will contact the limo service for you.

Private Rooms

Oklahoma Heart Hospital has 145 private patient rooms equipped with critical care technology. Our patient rooms are uniquely designed for patient comfort and unlike typical hospitals a patient is rarely unhooked from the equipment and moved. All services our patient needs are brought to the patient room.

A La Heart Cafe

Our A La Heart Café provides room service and restaurant style menu. Our patients get to decide what they want to eat and when they want to eat. We are very proud of our International Cuisine featuring a wide variety of vegetarian and halal menu items. All food is prepared on site and promptly brought to the patient's room on demand. One complimentary meal per day is provided for the patient's family member from the A La Heart Café Menu. Our A La heart café is also open for the dining pleasure of our patients' families, or they may order room service.

Family Accommodation

Oklahoma Heart Hospital realizes that our International patients would like their loved ones to be near them while they are healing. We have made arrangements with reputable hotels in close proximity to our hospital to provide you up to 50% discount during your loved ones stay at Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Please call us toll free at 1-855-628-6790 or e-mail International@okheart.com to find out more about the family accommodation.

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