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About Oklahoma Heart Hospital

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital is a physician owned hospital which brings world-class medical expertise and compassion to the care of every patient.

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Focused on your heart

At the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, you’ll find a place and a team dedicated exclusively to preventing and treating cardiovascular disease. Your heart is our primary concern.

Everything in one place

In a typical heart care setting, patients are routinely transported at least five times and with each move, their heart monitor is disengaged and then reattached. Not only are Oklahoma Heart Hospital patients rarely moved, they also benefit from a portable heart monitor that continuously tracks their blood pressure and heart rate.

The latest technology

The first all-digital hospital in the country saves valuable time for patients by making information readily available to doctors and nurses.  X-rays, lab results, vital signs and medications are right at the caregivers’ fingertips.

Patient centered care

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital considers every facet of a heart patient’s care and hospital experience. And it shows in all the details—from the bed you sleep in to the personalized care you receive, from emergency care to the food we serve, every element of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital’s operations centers around you, the patient.

A place for life

Oklahoma has the highest death rate in the nation for heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.  All the more reason to look to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  Ranked in the top 1 percent nationally for patient satisfaction, more than 1,100 heart surgeries were performed at the nation’s first all-digital hospital this past year.  For patients, that kind of experience means better outcomes.

About OHH

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