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Oklahoma Heart Hospital Partners with Emerge to Add Clinical Decision Support to its Two Hospitals and 60 Clinics

Oklahoma hearts just got a little healthier. Emerge Clinical Solutions, the creator of premier clinical decision support software, today announced Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) is adding its software systems to its North and South Campus hospitals as well as 60 health clinics.

OHH operates state of the art facilities that are consistently rated as the best in the country. It was the first all digital hospital in the United States and has fully integrated electronic medical records that connect two hospital campuses and 60 clinics. Both hospitals were recognized as one of the nation’s “Most Wired” by Hospitals & Health Networks magazine in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Emerge’s software, which has been proven to increase identification of certain cardiac diseases by as much as 300 percent, merges seamlessly with any existing electronic medical record system and makes the transition into using clinical decision support smooth.

“We knew OHH’s hospitals, physicians, staff, and technical team had a top notch reputation, but after working with them for the past few months they have more than exceeded our expectations. The facilities are more like a five star hotel than a hospital. OHH CEO and president Dr. John Harvey and OHH Performance Improvement Leader Dr. Brook Scott do a phenomenal job of managing their roles as both active physicians and hospital executives. We are proud to help OHH continue to take their already stellar patient care to the next level,” said Scott Finfer, Emerge CEO.

Emerge’s clinical decision support software was created by cardiologists for cardiologists. Cardiology is an extremely complicated field that often involves a lot of detailed analysis and process of elimination through extensive testing, which can be both costly and stressful for patients.

Emerge streamlines the diagnosis and testing process by running complete patient histories and symptom data through a patented algorithm. Emerge performs more than 8,000 calculations in seconds to objectively guide doctors to the most likely diagnosis, appropriate testing options, and effective care path.

“OHH has made significant progress towards greater information technology adoption and expanded their advanced health technologies to promote superior patient care. They manage to do all of this while keeping costs on par with other hospitals because they have reinvented the way technology is delivered and managed, resulting in a better healthcare experience,” said Finfer.

Several other heavy hitters in the cardiology world have also adopted Emerge in the last two years. Cardiology Associates of Northern Mississippi, a leading regional health practice, successfully integrated Emerge with its GE Healthcare Centricity records system in 2011. Early in 2012, Emerge established a strategic partnership with MedAxiom, a comprehensive subscription-based service provider and information resource exclusively for cardiology practices.

“Hearts are our business. OHH is a pioneer of electronic medical records and interoperability for devices and clinical decision support solutions. We designed both of our hospital campuses from the ground up with technology in mind and believe that Emerge will be a great fit. This software will help doctors diagnose as well as document their processes more easily utilizing historical data already captured in our Cerner based EMR. We are thrilled to introduce the next level of true clinical decision support and evidence based medicine that will improve the value of our digital records, directly impacting the care of our patients,” said Steve Miller, OHH chief information officer.

About Emerge Clinical Solutions
Emerge Clinical Solutions is the creator of software solution developed by cardiologists to help medical providers and administrators improve the quality of cardiologic care to combat the nation’s number one killer, cardiac diseases. The software helps doctors increase condition recognition rates for high-risk patients, which ensures that patients receive the appropriate care at the appropriate time.

By assisting doctors with advanced diagnosis Emerge prevents costly, time-consuming and inappropriate tests and procedures. Emerge software also identifies high risk conditions quicker and with more efficiency. Medical emergencies are avoided and addressed with outpatient procedures. This proactive technology reduces emergency room visits and time in intensive care or worse… death. To learn more, please visit www.emergecds.com

About Oklahoma Heart Hospital
Oklahoma Heart Hospital opened in August 2002 as the first all-digital hospital in America totally dedicated to the care of hearts. Cardiologists from Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates partnered with Mercy Health Center to make the hospital a reality. In 2006, demand for cardiovascular services in the region prompted a $35 million expansion at the hospital.

In 2010, Oklahoma Heart Hospital South Campus opened its doors as an all-digital hospital specializing in the care of hearts. The South Campus has partnered with Oklahoma Heart Hospital, Mercy Health Center, and Norman Regional Health System to bring cardiovascular services to south Oklahoma City and eastern Oklahoma County.

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