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Employee Testimonials

JoAnn, RN

“A lot of places say they put the patient first, but OHH backs it up in everything they do. OHH truly does stand out as a beacon of hope.”

Georgiana, RN

“My worst day here is at least ten times better than even my best day in other hospitals.”

Matthew, RN

“One of the many reasons OHH is a wonderful place to work is that the entire organization really does revolve around the patients - most hospitals claim that, but OHH really does it.”

Anita, RN

“The nurses here have the time to really take care of their patients, including being able to listen, teach, or just hold a patient's hand during a difficult time. It is great to leave after a day of work feeling satisfied that I have taken care of my patients' needs. Thank you, OHH, for taking care of ME so that I can take care of others!”

Georgiana, RN

“Working here is great. They do not try to kill you with an impossible assignment or nurse patient ratio. There is always somebody to help you.”

Sheila, RN PCCU nights

“Once employed at OHH you are part of a bigger family.”

Ashley, RN

“Many of us have described it as "nurse heaven". I think what really makes OHH different is we have an outstanding administration that actually listens to our needs as nurses.”

Employee Testimonials

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