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Heart Attack Survivors Honor Heroes

Group Urges Awareness Of Heart Disease Threat To Women

POSTED: 7:20 pm CST February 5, 2010
UPDATED: 8:14 pm CST February 5, 2010

Heart attack survivors gathered at an event on Friday to share their stories and honor those who helped them. Loyce Edwards said she was walking at Northpark Mall when her heart stopped beating.

"I am alive and well today by the grace of God and able to share my miraculous story and angels in my life who brought me back from death into the marvelous light of life," Edwards said. 

Edwards suffered sudden cardiac arrest, an electrical problem with the heart. Her condition is not uncommon in Oklahoma, which leads the nation for the number of women with heart disease. 

"Today, we want women of Oklahoma to talk heart disease personally, to understand that approximately 35 percent of women suffer from cardiovascular disease," said John Austin of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital's south campus. 

Single mother Julie Avant survived full cardiac arrest and said she now understands how precious life is. 

"There is no other pleasure I have more than seeing my daughter do the things that she does every day," Avant said. "It's unexplainable why you wouldn't want to do what you have to do to keep on living." 

All of the survivors at the event lived because someone knew CPR. Albino Garza saved his wife. 

"I thank God every day for my wife and my daughter," he said. 

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Heart Attack Survivors Honor Heroes

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