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At Oklahoma Heart Hospital, our well-trained, dedicated nurses are valuable members of our healthcare team

If You’re a Nurse at Oklahoma Heart – Your Opinion Counts

Our nurses are involved in every aspect of their patients’ care and provide hope, compassion and healing to patients and their families. That's why OHH encourages our nurses, physicians and other caregivers to collaborate in setting our standards for excellence in patient care. Nurses have unparalleled opportunities to help shape the way OHH operates with the purpose of providing high-quality, safe, patient-focused care. Our 98% nurse retention rate indicates that our nurses’ opinions are not only heard…they count.

Nurse-Patient Ratio

Oklahoma Heart Hospital has one of the best Nurse-to-Patient Ratio's in the nation – 4:1. This ensures that our nurses can focus on the bedside and provide safe, high-quality care to their patients and their families. Our 4:1 ratio also helps maintain physician and patient satisfaction and prevent nurse burnout.

Nursing Pods

Our standard nursing station layout includes a user-friendly environment, shaped like a pod. With patient beds on the outside and clinical services on the inside, nurses are stationed where their patients are, so they can spend more time with them while still having convenient access to cutting-edge technology. Our nursing pods ensure that no nurse will have more than 4 patients at any given time so that they can spend more time at the bedside and less time walking for supplies and information. Guest rooms provide comfort and privacy to our patients and their families while maintaining the space our nurses need to provide excellent care and service.

Nursing Orientation

New members of the nursing team attend one day of general orientation followed by 8 days of centralized nursing orientation consisting of classroom training and unit orientation. The second portion of orientation provides an introduction to:

  • Infection Control
  • Quality management and patient safety
  • Shared decision-making
  • Communication
  • Computer documentation
  • Medication administration
  • Clinical skills review

After completion of the general new hire orientation, clinical staff begin individualized unit orientation with an assigned preceptor who works collaboratively with the clinical educator. The average length of orientation with a preceptor for the new graduate nurse is 12 weeks depending on previous experience.

Certification Bonus

Full Time and Part Time nurses are eligible to receive an annual certification bonus after one year of service.

Tuition Reimbursement

Oklahoma Heart Hospital’s tuition reimbursement program is another way that we support our nurses’ education and career ambitions. After 90 days of service, our full time team members are eligible for OHH’s tuition reimbursement benefit.

Nursing Externship

OHH’s six-week paid summer Externship Program is a truly unique hands-on learning opportunity for nursing students prior to their final year of nursing school. The program offers nursing students the opportunity to perform a variety of nursing treatments in a cardiovascular environment, utilize state of the art technology and practice assessment skills under the direction and supervision of an experienced RN. Externships are available in the following areas: Critical Care, PCCU, Interventional, Emergency Room, Surgery and Cath Lab. All candidates must meet certain requirements. To qualify, the nursing student must: 1) be entering his/her last year of nursing school; 2) have at least a 3.0 GPA; and 3) provide OHH with two clinical letters of reference.

Once the Externship has been completed, OHH has the option to retain the Nurse Extern while he/she completes his/her last year of nursing school. After graduation, OHH also encourages a smooth transition from Extern to Intern to RN and pays for a NCLEX Review Course to assist Nurse Interns in preparing for their boards.

Just for Nurses

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