OHHS to Announce OK Heart Hero Winners for Outstanding Courage in Saving Lives with CPR

Oklahoma Heart Hospital South to Announce Oklahoma Heart Hero Winners for Outstanding Courage in Saving Lives with CPR

The winners of the 2010 Oklahoma Heart Hero and Oklahoma Giving Heart will be announced Friday, February 11, 2011 as part of Heart Month to honor those who are prepared to deal with a cardiovascular emergency, educate others how to become prepared, and serve as an incentive for others to be trained in CPR and the use of an AED (automatic external defibrillator). The Oklahoma Giving Heart award this year honors someone whose commitment to teaching the elements of CPR has the potential to save countless lives.

About Oklahoma Heart Hospital:
The 2010 Oklahoma Heart Hero is Jonathan Powell of Oklahoma City.
On March 21, 2010 – 58 year old Tom Tharp was hard at work in an Oklahoma City warehouse when suddenly he overheated and started to feel lightheaded and nauseated. Then – he passed out. Jonathan Powell and a friend were working nearby and saw Tom fall unconscious. Jonathan had learned CPR as a Boy Scout many years earlier and quickly ran to Tom’s side and began compressions as his friend ran to call 911. Jonathan continued administering CPR for several minutes until EMSA arrived. The paramedics later told Tom that when they arrived there was no heartbeat and probably hasn’t been one for four to five minutes. The compression Jonathan was giving with CPR was enough to keep blood and oxygen going through Tom’s system to keep him alive. Paramedics used a defibrillator to shock Tom’s heart back into an action. Tom was rushed to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital where he stayed for another 4 days. Today, Tom is back at work and thankful to the former Boy Scout for knowing what to do and having the courage to step in and help.

The 2010 Oklahoma Giving Heart Hero is OKC teacher Grace Gibby
In March of 2010, Mayfield Middle School 7th grader Tekail Davis was eating a hard candy in the cafeteria when he choked and stopped breathing. Fellow student Rodre Jackson saw what was happening and quickly administered the Heimlich maneuver to Tekail. His fast action saved Tekail from choking. Rodre remembered the technique taught the year before by his 6th grade teacher Grace Gibby. Several years earlier, Grace used the life-saving technique herself. But when she saw a news story about a child choking in school because no one knew the technique, she began teaching the Heimlich maneuver to every student who passed through her class. When Rodre saved Tekail, her lifetime commitment to teach this life-saving technique paid off in ways she only dreamed of.

OHHS to Announce OK Heart Hero Winners for Outstanding Courage in Saving Lives with CPR

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