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Be part of a dynamic team that's shaping the future of cardiac care. Our nurses are involved in every aspect of their patients’ care and provide hope, compassion and healing to patients and their families. That's why OHH encourages our nurses, physicians and other caregivers to collaborate in setting our standards for excellence in patient care. Nurses have unparalleled opportunities to help shape the way OHH operates with the purpose of providing high-quality, safe, patient-focused care. Our 98% nurse retention rate indicates that our nurses’ opinions are not only heard… they count.

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With a maximum of four patients at one time, our nurses have time to get to know their patients and their families while providing the highest quality of care.
1:4 General Nursing • 1:1 or 1:2 Critical Care Unit • 1:3 Interventional Unit

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Need Wednesdays off due to other commitments? Want to go on a field trip with your child? Our self-scheduling approach gives our nurses the flexibility they need to balance work and life.

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Patient rooms are fully stocked with all necessary supplies and arranged in a circular layout around each nursing station to streamline patient care and save our nurses time.


Our competitive benefits package includes health benefits beginning on your first day of employment, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, and much more. Plus, we offer signing bonuses for full-time employees on night shift.

Oklahoma Heart Hospital has two hospital locations, North and South, and more than 60 clinics across the state of Oklahoma.


Cardiac Rehab

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Cardiac Rehab department strives to serve the state and lead the nation by offering the Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) program. The ICR team helps patient’s recover from heart attacks, heart surgery and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) crafting a plan that meets the patient’s needs. The ICR team professionally provides guidance for patients on all aspects of cardiac health, from learning proper nutrition, exercise, how to manage stress, become smart grocery shoppers and living heart-healthy lives. 

The ICR team provides patients with the tools to succeed by ensuring that patients receive 36 hours of exercise and 36 hours of in-depth education. The ICR team has a passion for improving the lives of cardiac patients.

Cath Lab

The Cath Lab team at Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) is committed to excellence and achieving a teamwork-driven culture. Cath Lab team members should be patient, self-motivating, eager and willing to learn, accountable and should have a strong desire to work efficiently and effectively. Our team operates on strict routines to ensure all procedures, whether ten (10) minutes or two (2) hours in length, are timely and accurate. The Cath Lab team provides excellent customer care with seven (7) Cath Labs at the North campus and five (5) Cath Labs at the South campus equipped with state of the art technology.

Critical Care Unit / Interventional Unit

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Critical Care Unit (CCU) and Interventional Unit (IU) Registered Nurse (RN) is a professional caregiver who inspires to provide quality care, satisfaction of care and a safe environment for all patients. The CCU/IU nurse demonstrates knowledge of care as they critically think and react in both stable and critical settings. They adhere to regulatory bodies and adapt to fast-paced environments while actively participating in teamwork collaboration. 

The CCU/IU RN monitors the overall hemodynamic status of the critically ill patient while performing head to toe assessments, assessing all body systems, rhythms and invasive lines, tubes and drains. In the CCU and IU, the RN is expected to administer, titrate and monitor critically ill patients on critical medications. They are able to communicate appropriately with the physicians and surgeons any concerning status changes or body system specifics that may require further intervention. 

The North and South OHH campuses strive to provide optimal care regardless of the setting, with sixteen (16) CCU beds and twenty-four (24) IU beds at the North campus and sixteen (16) CCU beds and eight (8) IU beds at the South campus, all equipped with critical care technology. The RN maintains a 1:1 or 1:2 nurse-to-patient ratio in the CCU and a 1:3 nurse-to-patient ratio in the IU. This allows CCU/IU RNs adequate time to monitor and care for critically ill patients thus ensuring the highest quality, safe and patient-focused care.

Emergency Room

The Emergency Room (ER) team at Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) sees a wide variety of patients in a fast-paced and constantly changing work setting. The OHH North and South campuses strive to provide optimal care no matter the setting, with 14 ER beds at the North campus and 10 ER beds at the South campus equipped with critical care technology. ER team members are dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-focused care in a comprehensive, safe and healing environment.
In the ER, you must possess keen assessment skills, have a strong work ethic, be a strong and focused team member and be able to transition from one patient case to the next very quickly. ER nursing team members are responsible for assuming patient care, assessing patients and working closely with the ER physician to determine the disposition of their patients, whether they are admitted, transferred, observed or discharged.

Progressive Coronary Care Unit

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Registered Nurse (RN) is a professional caregiver who assumes responsibility, teaches and holds accountability for patients. 

The RN provides optimal care via therapeutic use of self, physical assessments, nursing interventions, treatments, modalities of the therapeutic environment and interdisciplinary collaboration. The RN demonstrates knowledge of care in both stable and acute settings, adheres to organizational policy and adapts to fast-paced environments while actively participating in and encouraging teamwork. 

PCCU RNs are trained to administer and monitor patients on cardiac medications, titratable vasoactive infusions as well as monitor and interpret EKG rhythms. They will care for patients with arterial and venous access sheaths as well as invasive drains; while observing the cardiovascular system, neurovascular and pulmonary status, they are able to communicate with physicians about orders and procedures, perform conscious sedation under physician direction and pre-procedure prep. 

The RN will assist not only with the patient, but also incorporate family-focused care by teaching necessary pre- and post-hospital care. The RN operates out of nursing pods which allows no more than four (4) patients per RN at a time which maintains a 4:1 patient-to-nurse ratio. With 54 beds at our North campus and 38 beds at our South campus, OHH nursing pods allow the RN to have close access to everything they need and have more time at the patient's bedside ensuring the highest quality of care. 

The RN has an unparalleled opportunity to help shape the way OHH operates with the purpose of providing high quality, safe and patient-focused care.

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