International Services

International Patient Testimonial

Oklahoma Heart Hospital offers all inclusive, deeply discounted cost packages especially for international patients.

Program Details

  • Vegetarian and Halal Menu
  • Unrestricted family access 24 hours a day
  • Discounts available on select hotels and transportation in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Heart Hospital is the first all-digital hospital in America totally dedicated to hearts. We are one of the largest cardiovascular physicians groups in America with over 60 cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. We are also one of the busiest Cardiovascular Institutions in the USA and perform annually over

  • 8,55 Diagnostic Heart Caths
  • 4,500 Cardiac Interventions/Stents
  • 1,400 Heart Surgeries
  • 860 Pacemakers
  • 350 Defibrillators
  • 175 Carotid Stents
  • 3,000 Peripheral Angiograms

With our high surgery volume and highly experienced and expert staff of doctors and nurses we are ranked in the top 1% in USA and the winner of the prestigious Press Ganey Summit Award for 6 consecutive years. Oklahoma Heart Hospital offers very affordable, all inclusive cost packages for international patients and provides a home-away-from-home environment.

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