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Posted on December 11th, 2023
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a term referring to blood clots that start in the veins. The condition is serious, underdiagnosed, and yet is the third most common vascular disease after heart attack and... Read More
Posted on December 1st, 2023
If you have recently been diagnosed with a heart rhythm disorder, you may be feeling some anxiety or fear regarding the condition. These are understandable feelings that many people experience in the weeks or months following any medical diagnosis.  These tips can help you with navigating anxiety about... Read More
Posted on November 21st, 2023
Tobacco use is a significant risk factor for heart disease. The general harmful effects of tobacco are well known, but tobacco use impacts the heart in specific ways that make continued use detrimental for heart patients. These effects hold true for all forms of tobacco use, whether smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and snuff.  Here are some... Read More
Posted on November 10th, 2023
The heart pumps blood through the lungs for oxygenation, to the rest of the body, and back to be oxygenated again. Four chambers make up the heart muscle, and each chamber receives, holds, and then pumps blood out. To function properly, blood must flow at the right time and in the right amount. A series of four heart valves control the flow by opening and closing as each part of the heart... Read More
Posted on November 1st, 2023
If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart rhythm disorder and love to travel, you might be wondering about the impact it will have on your plans. You’ll be happy to hear that travel is still possible, though it may require a little extra planning for some people with heart rhythm disorders. These six travel tips for people with heart rhythm disorders can help.   Manage stress while... Read More
Posted on October 19th, 2023
There are many risk factors for heart health issues. While some risk factors are beyond the patient’s control, there are lifestyle choices that can help reduce risk and balance some of the risk factors that patients can’t change.   Age, genetics, family history, and personal history are risk factors that can’t be changed. Even patients who have these risk factors can reduce their... Read More
Posted on October 10th, 2023
If you are one of millions of Americans who are chronically short on sleep or living with a sleep disorder, you know how much lack of sleep can affect your life. Whether it’s trudging through each day or battling a struggling immune system, lack of sleep can significantly disrupt your daily life.  In fact, being chronically sleep deprived or having a sleep disorder can even impact your heart... Read More
Posted on October 1st, 2023
The heart is a muscle that uses a series of contractions to pump blood to and from the lungs and the rest of the body. These contractions are involuntary and are controlled and powered by the heart’s electrical system.  This conduction system stimulates each part of the heart to contract at just the right time to propel blood through the valves that separate each chamber of the heart. The... Read More
Posted on September 19th, 2023
Metabolic syndrome is a condition that occurs when a person has three or more of five risk factors that increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. Each of the five risk factors increases risk for... Read More
Posted on September 8th, 2023
In the medical world, research is the backbone of innovative treatment that saves lives. It builds on our previous knowledge and helps current and future patients receive high-quality treatment for their medical diagnoses. In the world of cardiac care, the OHH Research Foundation conducts groundbreaking research right here in Oklahoma that... Read More