Oklahoma Heart Hospital North

Oklahoma Heart Hospital North
4050 West Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone: (405) 608-3200

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital North Campus is located in northwest Oklahoma City on Memorial Road, just east of Meridian Avenue and Mercy Health Center.

From any direction, Oklahoma Heart Hospital is easily accessible via the Kilpatrick Turnpike, Memorial Road, Meridian Avenue, Lake Hefner Parkway and other major thoroughfares.

The entrance to the hospital is on the eastbound side of Memorial Road. Kilpatrick Highway divides east and westbound Memorial. When traveling west on Memorial, simply turn left on Meridian Avenue, cross under the turnpike, and then turn left onto eastbound Memorial. Turn right onto McAuley Boulevard. Oklahoma Heart Hospital is just east of McAuley.

Traveling West: If traveling west on the Kilpatrick Turnpike, take the Meridian Avenue exit. Turn left on Meridian Avenue, then left onto eastbound Memorial Road.

Traveling East: If traveling east on Kilpatrick Turnpike, take the MacArthur Boulevard exit. Then take Memorial Road east to Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

From the South: If entering Oklahoma City from the south on Interstate 44, take I-44 west until it merges with State Highway 74 (commonly known as Lake Hefner Parkway), continuing north to the Memorial Road exit. Turn left on Memorial Road, then left on Meridian Avenue, going under the turnpike, to take you to eastbound Memorial Road.

From the North: If entering Oklahoma City from the north on State Highway 74 (Portland Avenue), make a right at Memorial Road. Take a left on Meridian Avenue. Pass under the turnpike and turn left on Memorial Road.

For more information or further directions, call (405) 608-3200.

Visiting Oklahoma Heart Hospital