Celebrating National Hospital Week at OHH

Hospitals and medical caregivers have always held an important place in society, and the past three years of the pandemic have underscored this time and time again. As COVID-19 stressed every aspect of medicine, hospitals rose to the occasion in extraordinary ways to care for their patients. In early May, we celebrate National Hospital Week and the impact hospitals have in serving their communities, both during a pandemic and beyond. 

Oklahoma Heart Hospital’s North campus has been serving our community since 2002, and our South campus since 2010. With cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of death in Oklahoma, we are committed to research and cutting-edge treatment of heart disease to make a difference for our community. We opened our Clinic for the Uninsured in partnership with Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, so residents of Oklahoma can receive the best life-saving care regardless of their income.

If you’ve ever been a patient at OHH, you’ve probably noticed our hospital is a little different from most. From the very beginning, patients have been at the center of what we do. First, OHH is physician owned. How does that benefit our patients? The owners and decision makers at OHH are the same professionals treating our patients. This cuts out bureaucracy and puts the decision into the hands of those who are directly treating our patients. Additionally, the support and appreciation we show our staff is reflected in a lower turnover and a team that truly loves their job. 

Our facilities were designed with patient care in mind, including rooms in which specialists and many tests come to the patients rather than the other way around. Rooms are spacious enough for families to not only visit, but also stay with their loved ones. In fact, we actively encourage family support, as we have seen it benefit patients time and again.

Our patient-focused care has led us to ensure that we always have a low nurse-to-patient ratio, which enables focused attention and care for each patient. This is yet another way our nursing staff feels supported and able to provide the highest quality of care for patients. 

Our patient-centered care is seen and felt by our patients. OHH has been awarded the Press Ganey Pinnacle of Excellence and Guardian of Excellence awards for patient experience every year since 2013. Time after time, we have found centering medical care around patient experience leads to a happier and healthier community. 

This week, as we celebrate National Hospital Week and the difference OHH makes in our community, we hope you have been impacted by our ongoing work. If you have, take the time to celebrate the staff, nurses, doctors, and other caregivers who have touched your life.