OHH Patient and Family Experience

We know how stressful a stay in the hospital can be, both for the patient and their family or friends. As a physician-owned hospital, we see the needs of patients every day. That’s why we designed OHH with our patient’s comfort in mind. We provide the highest level of medical care and match it with a top-notch patient and family experience. 

Here are just a few of the touches that set Oklahoma Heart Hospital apart when it comes to the patient and family experience.

Visiting hours

Families and friends are an important part of the healing process. That’s why there are no set visiting hours at Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Families and friends are welcome to stay with the patient around the clock to provide the love and support needed during healing.

Patient rooms

Patient experience is built into our very building. When our physician owners designed the building, large patient rooms with comfortable seating and sleeping areas were an important aspect of the design. Families are encouraged to stay with the patient, so their comfort and convenience is important.


OHH offers valet parking, which provides easy access to patients and family members. Valet parking is always free, and our valets do not accept tips. 

Food and accommodations

Whether a patient’s stay is a single day or much longer, visitors may find themselves in need of a meal or a hotel room. We offer an on-site cafe for easy access and a quick, delicious meal. For those who are looking for a meal outside of the hospital or for nearby hotels, we have a list of recommendations available. 

OHH was designed with the patient experience in mind. The experience of our patient’s family and loved ones is a crucial part of a patient’s stay, and our team goes above and beyond to provide for both the patient and their family or friends.