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Posted on January 16th, 2017
Wander down the center aisle of any grocery store, and you’ll be amazed at the number of number of claims on the front of those boxes. Now with 50% less fat! Reduced sugar! Low sodium! Sometimes those claims can be helpful, but it’s important to understand the role the carbohydrates (which includes sugar), protein, fat, and sodium play in overall nutrition.  Carbohydrates Most... Read More
Posted on January 3rd, 2017
As the calendar turns to a new year, many people reflect on the past year and set goals or resolutions for the coming year. Weight loss is a common theme this time of year, as people resolve to improve their eating habits and get more exercise.  The Oklahoma Heart Hospital has a team of nutritionists on staff to help patients make the dietary changes necessary for both weight loss and heart... Read More
Posted on December 5th, 2016
In November, physicians at the Heart Rhythm Institute at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital became the first in the state of Oklahoma to use His-bundle pacing (HBP).  His-bundle pacing uses the same pacemaker as in a typical pacemaker... Read More
Posted on December 2nd, 2016
OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 1, 2016) – Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) was once again named one of the nation’s 50 top cardiovascular hospitals for the fourth time by Truven Health Analytics for achieving superior clinical outcomes.    In its 18th year, the Truven study identifies the nation's best providers of cardiovascular care based on publicly available data related to... Read More
Posted on November 16th, 2016
Most people are aware that being overweight increases the risk for health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and more. But what exactly is happening in the body that increases that risk? And what steps can you take to reduce your overall risk?   The percentage of adults in America who are overweight or obese has continued to rise in recent years with... Read More
Posted on November 6th, 2016
Obesity rates in the United States continue to increase with about 35% of adults now classified as obese according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Obesity also increases the risk of... Read More
Posted on November 4th, 2016
OKLAHOMA CITY (Nov. 3, 2016) – The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) received awards this week for the fourth consecutive year from Press Ganey Associates, Inc., for achieving high levels of excellence in patient satisfaction.    The OHH North Campus earned the 2016 Pinnacle of Excellence Award® and the OHH North Campus and OHH South Campus earned the 2016 Guardian of Excellence... Read More
Posted on October 20th, 2016
A former News 9 anchor is getting the help she neesd after a cardiac event. The life-changing work she's doing now will help to ensure her future heart health. Click here to view the story. Heart Healthy Recipes Read More
Posted on October 19th, 2016
Pan Grilled Citrus Salmon Serves: 4 Ingredients: 4 – 4 oz.Salmon Fillets 2 Tablespoons Dry White Wine 2 Lemons, juiced and zested ½ Teaspoon Dried Oregano or Dried Thyme 1 Pinch Ground Pepper 1 Orange, juiced Lemon wedges for garnish Directions: 1.      Thoroughly combine all seasonings in a bowl and add 4oz salmon steaks and coat well in all the seasonings. 2. ... Read More
Posted on October 15th, 2016
Atrial fibrillation or AFib is a specific type of arrhythmia that occurs in the top chambers of the heart. Symptoms may include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, light headedness, dizziness, and sometimes passing out. AFib on its own is not generally life threatening, but patients with AFib do have a higher risk of stroke than the average population. When assessing a patient... Read More