Making an Impact: Clinic for the Uninsured

Too often, the lack of insurance is a barrier to accessing good health care, especially when it comes to specialized treatment. After recognizing this need for specialty care, the OHH Research Foundation and Mercy Hospital worked together with other local donors to open the Clinic for the Uninsured in 2014.

The Clinic for the Uninsured focuses on specialty care and fills the gaps left by existing primary care clinics for individuals without insurance. It is staffed by a team of volunteer physicians in many specialties, such as cardiology, nephrology, and gastroenterology. We offer testing and preventative measures ranging from ultrasounds to stress tests and more to allow patients to receive care early and catch disease before it progresses. 

Eligible patients include those who are uninsured, are not able to pay for their appointments or services, and do not qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, or benefits through Veterans Affairs.

If you or someone you know is eligible for services through the Clinic for the Uninsured, contact the clinic to begin the process. The clinic will schedule an appointment and send out the necessary paperwork. At your appointment, a physician will develop a care plan for testing and treatment and clinic staff will discuss next steps with you.

If a patient needs treatment that is not offered through the clinic, staff will assist the patient in applying for financial assistance through OHH. 

At Oklahoma Heart Hospital, we see serving all patients regardless of their insurance status as a part of our mission of “Serving the State, Leading the Nation.” We know that access to health care can be a barrier for some of the patients who need it most. 

If you are a patient in need of care, reach out to our team to begin the process of scheduling an appointment at our Clinic for the Uninsured. If you are a specialist physician who would like to volunteer in the clinic, please contact the clinic at (405) 455-5755 for more information.