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OHH Features Latest High Definition Diagnostic CT Scanning

The 64-slice CT scanner has revolutionized cardiovascular medicine by allowing the cardiologist to image and “see” the coronary arteries around the heart with the same high quality and clarity as a more invasive heart catheterization procedure.

The breakthrough technology of the 64-slice CT enables coronary artery disease to be diagnosed much earlier when vessels are narrowed about 20% to 30%.  The majority of heart attacks occur suddenly from coronary blockages less than 50% and involving one artery. Most standard stress test imaging offered today can only pick up severe blockages of the coronary arteries. Mild to moderate blockages go undiagnosed.

People inherently have risk factors, but up to this time, with the exception of cardiac catherization, physicians have not been able to pick up these high risk groups noninvasively.  This test can replace much of the standard stress tests and routine cardiac catherization done today.

The 64-slice CT is a virtually pain-free test that offers clear, detailed, high-quality images of the heart and can image other problems such as aortic aneurysm, andblockages in the arteries of the brain and lower extremities.








Medicare is now covering the 64-slice coronary CT scan; however, private insurance coverage is varied based on the individual insurance company. Universal coverage is expected soon, because once Medicare covers a procedure the insurance companies typically follow. The test costs between $900 to $1500, much less than other current diagnostic tests.   

The 64-slice CT is a diagnostic test and not a screening test, therefore a physician must order this test. The patient must have a doctor to follow up on the test results and offer treatment options as needed. For those who do not have a primary physician to consult but still believe their symptoms warrant the test, they can be seen on an per case basis by calling and scheduling an appointment at (405) 608-3635. 

64-CT Slice Scan

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